Pantaleoni • D'Acosta McDaniel • Lifetime Achievement


MACSEM awards the Hewitt Pantaleoni Prize each year to the best (graduate) student paper delivered at the annual meeting. The Pantaleoni Prize was established in 1990 in memory of ethnomusicologist Hewitt Pantaleoni, and carries an award of $50. Hewitt Pantaleoni (1929-1988) received his Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University, concentrating particularly on African music, and taught at the State University College of New York at Oneonta. His fieldwork, always collaborative, led to projects with the Ugandan dance ethnographer Moses Serwadda. Prof. Pantaleoni was also one of the first members of MACSEM.


• 2020: Samuel Chan (New York University) "Haunting Vocalities: Sinophone Articulations across Asia / America" and Konstantine Vlasis (New York University) "Confluent Pathways: The Streaming of Laekurinn in Post-Wild Iceland"


• 2019: Maria Agustina Checa (CUNY Graduate Center), "'Reclaim the album as an oeuvre:' Artisanal Cassette Production and Musical Value in Argentina."

• 2018: Allie Martin (Indiana University and Smithsonian Institution) “What's Happening, CC? Sonic Gentrification in Washington, DC."

• 2017: Patricia Vergara (University of Maryland, College Park) “Listening to ‘Corridos’ and The Politics of Remembering in Times of War and Multiculturalism in Colombia.”

• 2016: William Scally (University of Maryland, College Park) “‘Smokin’, Drinkin’, Never Thinkin’’: Musical Choices and the Construction of Meaning in the Tokyo Jazz Scene.”

• 2015: Nicole Reisnour (Cornell University) “Indexing Morality: Self, Voice and Divine Guidance in Mababesan Literary Performance.” 

• 2014: Blenda Im (U Penn) "Amnesia and Anamnesis: Voicing a Modern Christian Subjectivity in South Korea." 

• 2013: Adam Kielman (Columbia University) “‘Sounds like Home’: Language and Place in Guangzhou’s Modern Folk” 

• 2012: David Blake (Stony Brook University) “Educational Soundscapes: Producing Student Ethnographers and Community Folk Singers in Green Fields of Illinois”

• 2011: Colter Harper (University of Pittsburgh) "Seeing Musical Life: Photo Elicitation in Ethnomusicology" (presented at 2011 meeting)
• 2011: Susan Taffe (Cornell University) "Colonization's Chain: Tracing the Links that Bond Communities through the Delaware Skin Dance" (presented at 2010 meeting)

• 2010: Maria Guarino (University of Virginia). “‘So They Aren’t Always This Angelic?’ An Ethnographic Study on Being and Becoming an All Saints Choirboy.”

• 2009: Tyler Bickford (Columbia University). "The Social Economy of Headphone Use in a New England Primary School."

• 2008: Jennifer Ryan (University of Pennsylvania). “’Beale Street Blues’?: Reconsidering Musical Tourism in Memphis, Tennessee."

• 2005: Noriko Manabe (CUNY Graduate Center). "Globalization and Japanese Creativity: Adaptation of the Japanese Language to Rap"

• 1997: Joseph Palackal

• 1996: Jeremy Wallach

• 1994: Helen Rees

• 1993: Travis Jackson

• 1992: Rene Colwell

• 1991: Steven Mamula


MACSEM awards the Lorna D'Acosta McDaniel Prize each year to the best undergraduate student paper delivered at the annual meeting. The Lorna D'Acosta McDaniel Prize was established in 2017 in memory of the ethnomusicologist, Lorna D'Acosta McDaniel, and carries an award of $50.


• 2020: G Rowan McMillian (College of William and Mary) "Navigating Neoliberalism: Marketing, Artistry, and 'Authenticity' in Kuala Lumpur’s Underground Rap Scene"


• 2019: Varun Rangaswamy (Eastman School of Music) "Cultural Transformation in Rochester's India Community Center: The ICC as a Site of Intergenerational and Interregional Discourse."


• 2018: Joshua Kerobo (American University) “'Pleasing Allah' while 'Obsessed with Frank Ocean': Negotiations of Music and Islam in the West."


The Chapter also awards the Lifetime Achievement Award to selected MACSEM members who have made significant contributions to the discipline of ethnomusicology, and to the Chapter itself.

• 2008: Adelaida Reyes
• 2006: Barbara L. Hampton
• 2005: Rose Brandel